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How does your skin care routine get through the winter

Times are hard for many all over the world and the crisis has started to leave its mark, especially financially but also mentally which can cause stress which can be seen on your skin. How to get your skin through the winter at its best.

Anne Jensen has 3 suggestions for good skin care.

Remember to clean your skin everyday. It is important that you remove make-up and dirt from the skin.


For optimum comfort, linseed oil with nourishing properties and rich in elements essential to the skin, offers an immediate cocooning effect. Perfectly cleansed, the skin is soft and luminous.


Rich in healing and moisturizing active ingredients, the serum is an extreme sweet care, for every type of skin,even the most sensitive. Thee marine collagen has exceptional moisturizing and filmogenic properties. It boosts cells while bringing them water. The Aloe Vera their healing actions help to restructure the epidermis and stimulate the cell renewal. Soothed and regenerated, the skin recovers its softness and elasticity.


Concentrated in sensoriality, this velvety care naturally treat the body with its creamy and melting texture. Nourishing plant oils and shea butter diffuse their benefits. Stimulating,

laminara seaweed extract and vitamin E boost and revitalize the skin, from the tip of the feet to the neck. Wrapped in a cocoon of softness, the skin feels hydrated, soft and smooth.

We hope you will enjoy our winter beauty advice.

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