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Lets talk about brows

Tweezing eyebrows and curling your lashes takes 10 years of your ages. A perfect facelifts
Your eyebrows and lashes define your face so a good grooming rout ine should be a priority in your beauty regime.
Eyebrows frame your eyes and lift your face it s t herefore imperative that they’re well
groomed and well-maintained .

Having the right tools is the most important fact or insuring your brows look immaculate.
Tweezers need to be high qualit y stainless steel wit h a widegrip handle to ensure a better hold
and therefore better results. Scissors also play a vit al role in shaping your brow and should be of high quality with a sharp edge' Japanese stainless steel tweezers ensure a crisp and clean cut/pluck .
Tweezing your brow opens the eye area and instantly alters your appearance.

There are a few basic steps to follow in order t o achieve a salon-perfect look.
First ly, follow the brow bone to define the shape.
Start by plucking from beneath the brow to increase the space between the
Eye and the brow. If your skin is sensit ve or you are prone to pain, numb the area with an ice-cube beforehand .
To finish off your perfect ly plucked eyebrows, use brow wax or apply a frost y coloured eye
pencil under t he brow to highlight and add further definition.

Have a great sundays pamper

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