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Anne Jensen Amazing unique velvet sation  bio serum foundation. Flawless finish.

A Natural foundation based on natural ingredient. 

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  • Bioserum Foundation was created to respond to the needs and demands of natural foundation lovers, who are no longer willing to sacrifice high performance levels, optimal coverage and a glowing effect.
    This revolutionary organic foundation ensures outstanding performance, comparable to those of more traditional make-up products that have always been available on the market.
    Particular attention has been given to the ingredients, enabling Bioserum Foundation to care for and respect your skin, correcting small imperfections, enhancing your natural complexion and giving new splendor to your face and skin.

  • For an expert application every time, we recommend a cosmetics application sponge.

    Load foundation to one side of the sponge and blend with the other side to ensure an even application. 2. Always start at the centre of the face and work outwards, smoothing and blending with the flat of the sponge.


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