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When we talk about sustainability, we are also talking about the products we use in our daily lives that we don't think about so much.
When it comes to beauty tools such as tweezers and if we really want to be sustainable and climate friendly
then it's about avoiding products chromed in nickel or epoxy coated in colours.
The higher quality the better and here the Japanese 420 stainless steel is particularly preferable as it can be disinfected.

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Tweezing eyebrows and curling your lashes takes 10 years of your ages. A perfect facelifts
Your eyebrows and lashes define your face so a good grooming routine should be a priority in your
beauty regime. Eyebrows frame your eyes and lift your face its therefore imperative that they’re well
groomed and well-maintained.
Having the right tools is the most important factor in ensuring your brows look immaculate.
Tweezers need to be high quality stainless steel with a wide grip handle to ensure a better hold
and therefore better results. Scissors also play a vital role in shaping your brow and should be of
high quality with a sharp edge' Japanese stainless steel tweezers ensure a crisp and clean cut.
Tweezing your brow opens the eye area and instantly alters your appearance.