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Anne Jensen Beauty respects your concerns as to the privacy of personal data and informa-
tion that you provide us with. By providing us with your private data and information, you
are agreeing that we use, study and, as appropriate, disclose them, in particular your re-
quests to receive our newsletters or manage your orders on the website. Consequently, we
encourage you to read this policy very carefully. This Personal Data Protection Charter ap-
plies to all personal data provided by you to anne jensen beauty.

1 Your Right
You have the right to access, modify and cancel the personal information concerning you,
as well as the possibility of opposing the processing of this data, which you may exercise at
any time by sending details.
2 Our Contact Form
Personal information (principally your surname, first name(s), address and email address)
that we collect to serve these purposes and which are essential for replying to your re-
quests, are marked by an asterisk on the data collection forms. If you do not fill out these
required fields, we will be unable to respond to your requests.
3 Transaction
When you conduct a transaction on our website, as part of the process, we collect per-
sonal information you give us such as your name, address and email address. Your
personal information will be used for the specific reasons stated above only.
4 Payment gateways Is stripe and paypal all details regards to payment and privacy
please contact these gateway provider for information.
5 Your Member Account
Holds only the details you provide your self name adress emails and phone no.
You can cancel your member account as you want and we will delete your details.
6 Cookies

Cookies is a small data file which intent to get the browser to work when you visit site on the internet 
We advice you to clean your browser regular for cookies and old net files they take up storage

Please check out our terms & conditioner.
7 Social website as Instragram Facebook and so on please check our terms and condi-
tioner and check the social media provider and their policy.

We also like to interact with you on third party sites where we post content or invite your feedback,such as Instagram, Facebook and Linked In. We do not controle the third party site and these sitesterms and conditioner. AJB terms and conditioner does not apply to third party site because we donot own or controle the third party site or to the actions of people that we do not employ or manage.You should always check the terms of use posted on third Party sites. If you do not agree to ourterms and conditioner you should not use our site or service.

We are not responsible for 3 party cookies, crawlers, bots or any other things made by 3 party. 

Any Question Please contact us 

Thank you

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