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Kvinde i mørkt tema

Influencers, affiliate and dropship program

If you're a blogger or social media influencer who engages with a specific audience, and believe
that Anne Jensen Products would appeal your follows / audience ,and consider partnering with the
company Anne Jensen we will love to hear from you.
1 You get your own coupon code
2 You get 15% commission every time your coupon code generates a sale on one of Anne Jensen
Web's site shops.
3 You get the images of us to start with and possibly products to create your own content.
Oneshop. Magazine , bloggers
If you have a blog, a magazine where you write about beauty or a column about beauty and fashion
and you want to showcase our products, you get your own coupon code and 15% commission for
sales generated through your coupon code.
Dropship sales
If you have a webshop with dropship sales, contact us for collaboration.

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