Anne Jensen Skincare

France has nearly for a century been pioneer in skincare and skincare ingredients.With eye on the future Anne Jensen choose France to  develope the future of the skincare.

In every skincare products from Anne Jensen lies ingredients sourced with care and treated with frensh expertise.

Natural grown 

Natural grown are sustainable grown in every steps. traditional grown medtods respect the natural nutrients in the process, producing the highest quality ingredients based on techniques used for generations .

Anne Jensen Diamond Skincare are  between 84 % to 100 % natural ingredients. 

Anne Jensen Diamond skincare is a clean beauty line based on aqua marine botanicals, which calm the skin and natural botanicals which helps improve the skin. 


If we really want the sustainable line then it's all about the finest ingredients for the skincare itself and the most recyclable materials for the packaging.
And for skincare produced in the finest ingredients, glass packaging is preferable as they can be recycled.
The purer the ingredients used in skincare the harder they have to work with
plastic material and they often end up rancid.

The packagings are recyclable. How to sort depend on your country way to recycle.