Anne Jensen Skincare

France has nearly for a century been pioneer in skincare and skincare ingredients.With eye on the future Anne Jensen choose France to  develope the future of the skincare.In every skincare products from Anne Jensen lies ingredients sourced with care and treated with frensh expertise. The development starts in the fields and continue in the laboratory.Natural ingredients and marine ingredients are the base of Anne Jensen skincare. Innovation and expertise are behind every Anne Jensen products.

Natural grown 

Natural grown are sustanably grown in every steps. traditional grown medtods respect the natural nutrients in the process, producing the highest quality ingredients based on techniques used for generations 


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Development starts in the fields and continue in the laboratory


Natural and marine ingredients are the base of Anne Jensen Serums



Natural and marine ingredients is behind Anne Jensen body care line


Check your skin. Do you have normal skin, sensetive skin or oil skin. Always remove old make up before  sleep. A good cleansing cream or lotion. Wash after with water and finalize with a good toner.

To choose the correct skin care products is very important. The most high end brand are also the ones who invest in science. These brands improve them self from year to year and have a complete history of invention and innovations. This include the cosmeceutical brands also.

The past couple of years a lot of new brands popping up a part of them have no science behind them. Organic and natural skin care products need to be in glass bottle and jar. If not they are not totally natural. Natural organic ingredient will be harsh in plastic bottle.W ith Jensen you go safe.

Ones a week use a good facial mask. Scrub mask remove old skin and dirt. Clay mask deep clean the pores, Moisturizing mask give your skin an increased water bath which improve the skin. What ever skin type you have a moisturizing mask is needed.

Eye cream and eye mask is important because the skin under our eyes is really thin.

Never use soap in your face if you have a normal to dry skin. Soap dry out the skin.

When you cleanse your skin you should avoid all kind of hard treatment. Just harder you treat yourskin just more the skin will start to defend it self. The glow will only come because the skin is irritated..